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Sarah Anne Fernandez


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"Fernandez is phenomenal - she can belt with the best of them, but also brings out the depth of Elphaba's character. Weaker singers have so much work to do simply hitting the notes. But Fernandez is very strong, able to skillfully bring out the characters' richness and complexity."

- Broadway

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Don't forget me

March 18, 2024
7:00 PM
Chelsea Table & Stage

Don't Forget Me Poster.jpg

What do you have to do to have your story told? Throughout Broadway’s lush and varied repertoire, we’ve seen the stories of real women who have existed in history come to life on stage. But why them, and why musicals? In her newest solo show titled Don’t Forget Me, Sarah Anne Fernandez explores women in history whose stories have made it to the bright lights of Broadway. From The Sound of Music to SIX, and everything else in between, Fernandez takes us on a musical journey through the stories and legacies of some of history’s most beloved, controversial, and iconic women. Performed during Women’s History Month, the show begs the question - have these musicals handled these women’s legacies with care, or have they instead perpetuated false narratives that tell a different tale?


Written & Produced By: Sarah Anne Fernandez

Directed By: Rebecca Aparicio

Music Direction By: Sheela Ramesh

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