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"Sarah Anne Fernandez might be an emerging songwriter but it seems like she knows exactly what she’s after. Ticking all the right boxes to become a successful musician, this artist has star written all over her. There’s intimacy, energy, and attitude within this release. Sarah performs every single note effortlessly like she’s been doing this all her life."

Plot   Twist

"'Plot Twist' serves as a bold introduction to an artist who is unapologetically herself. Her willingness to share her life's narrative through music is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often prioritizes commercial success over authenticity. With this single, Fernandez sets the stage for an exciting, promising career filled with creativity and sincerity."

"Plot Twist," Sarah Fernandez's latest single, is a gripping and energetic pop anthem that reveals the wonder of unexpected love. The song takes listeners on a musical trip where serendipity reigns supreme, thanks to its irresistible melody and seamless combination of pop and techno elements. Fernandez's strong voice bring her sensitive and passionate words to life, resulting in an enticing love letter to love itself. With its vivid and powerful music, "Plot Twist" promotes itself as the perfect summery song."

"Sarah Anne Fernandez is here with her new single, “Plot Twist”, and it’s so good, it gives us goosebumps. Not only do we love this new single, but we love the good feelings that come with it. This innocence in music is something we miss, crave, and hope that S.A.F will bring us more of."

"As an emerging singer-songwriter, Sarah Fernandez has carved her own path in the music world. Her dedication to storytelling and honesty is evident in every note she delivers. With her single, "Plot Twist," she solidifies herself as an artist to watch, bringing a fresh and anthemic sound to the scene."

"The plot twist here is that Sarah Anne Fernandez is just getting started! The up-and-coming talented musician hasn’t been in the music scene for so long, yet her skills say otherwise! She’ll captivate you with her powerful yet silky vocals and uplift your spirit with her sound."

"Sonically, "Plot Twist" shimmers. The instrumental sparkles with glitchy electro-synths that enhance the song's idyllic tone. As a writer, Fernandez crafts poetic yet grounded lyrics. Lines range from explicit details to resonant metaphors. “Plot Twist" is a genuine, distinctive narrative that comments on relatable sentiments listeners connect with."

"‘Plot Twist’ is a dynamic pop track that is sure to raise your energy. The song starts off with a driving bass line and simple yet effective percussion that hooks the listener into the rest of the song that follows. Before you know it, the song explodes with energy revealing twinkling synthesizers and explosive, passionate vocals that touch the listener immediately. This song is full of amazing dynamics that will leave the listener guessing what is to come around the next corner."

"What sets 'Plot Twist' apart is Sarah's ability to infuse the song with her unique storytelling style. The lyrics are intimate, witty, and authentic, as she fearlessly bares her soul and invites listeners into her world. With 'Plot Twist,' she proves herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, demonstrating a remarkable ability to blend vulnerability with strength, intimacy with anthemic power. It’s undoubtedly set the stage for so much more and we’ll be here patiently waiting."

"Nightmare" by Sarah Anne Fernandez is a dark pop masterpiece. With vindictive, empowering lyrics and impressively belted vocals, it feels a little like a modern Kelly Clarkson song. But make no mistake, this track has its own idiosyncracies to make it unique, and ultimately effortlessly cool. On top of the technical genius of the songwriting and sound design of this track, Sarah’s voice really shines. Her range is incredible. Her control, especially when she delivers runs, is awe-inspiring. In a post-pop-diva society (maybe save Ariana Grande), it’s always such a delight to hear a powerful female vocalist. Sarah Anne Fernandez provides all this and more."


"Sarah is often recognized for her Broadway-style singing, however, there's no doubt that she can also provide impressive vocals and range for pop music as seen here [on Nightmare]."

"The relatively short runtime of this single is absolutely jam-packed; with intricate production details, neat vocal chops, and invigorating sounds. Starting from Fernandez’s strong and commanding vocal presence, passing the grand and dramatic chord progressions, and ending with the charged, electronic production, for a result that’s dark, memorable, and oozing with personality."

‘Nightmare’ is a track that channels all of the emotions and feelings that come with a break up, both vulnerable and powerful, confident and insecure, all while feeling entirely real and captivating. There is a really haunting feel to the electronic soundscape here that has a really empowering and anthemic quality to it, as the track highlights an artist that is finding her groove and her spark."

"If you’re looking for an artist that is able to share a track that others can relate to and can help them get through some of the struggles that they have faced, then Sarah Anne Fernandez is your go-to artist."

"The haunting electro-pop anthem flips the typical sad narrative, empowering the listener and reminding them that they haven't lost anything, but rather the opposite."

"‘Nightmare’ is the phantasmically demure electro-pop hit from Sarah Anne Fernandez, which slices through vulnerability with razor-sharp wit to help anyone coming to terms with romantic loss. [Fernandez] is definitively one to watch in 2023."

"Sarah Anne Fernandez’s ‘Nightmare’ is an impressive second original single from this up-and-coming pop artist. With her powerful vocals, clever lyrics, and haunting melodies, Sarah is an artist to keep an eye on in the future. Her music style is influenced by some of the greatest pop artists of our time, and her unique take on their sound is sure to attract a growing following of fans who appreciate her storytelling and honesty."

"[Drowning] is such a powerful single from a rising creative. Her vocals are rather spellbinding, and each note is executed to perfection by a supreme talent who performs with such magnificence. This is a special single that would make Taylor Swift proud."


"At the forefront of the track, Fernandez's magical voice flows over the surface of the instrumental. Her voice is beautiful, and ridiculously powerful when that chorus hits. With a range that "defies gravity," Fernandez has proven herself to be a vocal powerhouse that has a bright future ahead of her."

"With vulnerable words that express that sense of longing for personal peace, Sarah Anne Fernandez delivers a beautifully eloquent vocal performance, with calculated harmonies, and dynamics that swiftly swell and contract, smoothly, smartly, and masterfully."

"There aren't enough words to describe this single by the talented and magnificent Sarah Anne Fernandez, shedding light on the important emotions people push down and feel guilted by. Sarah gives us this relatable and mind-blowing pop single that we will all most definitely be singing at the top of our lungs."

"This is the kind of song that makes you feel seen and understood, and it’s a perfect example of the power of music to offer comfort and hope. There’s something about Sarah’s voice that is just so powerful and emotive. It has a way of carrying you away and making you feel every emotion that she’s singing about. If you’re feeling drowned by your own emotions, listen to “Drowning” and let Sarah’s beautiful voice help you float to the surface."

"Combining a massive, nigh orchestral scale arrangement alongside a keenly vulnerable and emotive lyrical core, Sarah Anne Fernandez manages to build and sing that quintessential sad yet uplifting anthem."

"There are some synthesizer elements in the song and it sounds like a celestial pop track. Thus, as you’re orbiting in your zone of space travel, make sure to stop and see the marvel of Sarah’s melody throughout “Drowning."

""Drowning" is a solid introductory release for Sarah Anne Fernandez! I'm sure that the future will be an extremely bright one for the rising star."

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